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American Diabetes Association Education Recognition Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we receiving these interactive tools?

These education materials are meant to support your curriculum and provide effective self-management tools for your clients.

Created by Krames Patient Education in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association and sponsored by Merck via their Journey For Control Program, these interactive tools provide access from your desktop to diabetes education content. All you need to begin using these resources is access to the Internet and the last four digits of your program ID number!

What are the tools?

Print-On-Demand Patient Education MaterialThe ADA Recognized Program Staff Interface is based on Krames On-Demand, an award winning web-based and print-on-demand patient education application for providing instant access to hundreds of high-quality, illustrated diabetes education topics. Hundreds of top hospitals choose Krames On-Demand as their patient education resource.

ADA Go-To-Guide
Go To GuideThe ADA Living Well With Diabetes Go-To-Guide™ is a 64-page, self-care, interactive workbook to help your patients make the daily decision to manage their diabetes. Seven interactive chapters cover a broad range of topics, including the 9 content areas specified in the National Standards for Diabetes Self Management Education, and support the education experience with audio, video, animation, interactive chapter quizzes, and printable tools that allow you to personalize material.

The ADA Living Well With Diabetes Go-To-Guide™ serves as a self-paced learning resource to prepare clients for, and maximize, face-to-face education. The Go-To-Guide™ is an ideal group session and/or community outreach presentation resource.

If you would like to link to the ADA Living Well With Diabetes Go-To-GuideTM from your website, please use the image and link below. You may right-click or control-click on these icons to save. The link is

ADA Go-to-Guide Icon ADA Go-to-Guide Icon 72 Icon 50
Icon 114 Icon 72 Icon 50

How do I access these tools?

The two new, free education tools are now available to you online for easy access from any computer with internet access.

The ADA Recognized Program Staff Interface offers patient education via an electronic print-on-demand program. Your browser may already be set to accept "cookies" and JavaScript/Active Scripting. If not you will need to enable these functions on your computer.

Krames On DemandThe Interface is a simple Web-based system accessed through secure login through:
Account Name: ADA1
User Name: (The last four digits or your program ID number)
Password: Password

For technical support with Krames On-Demand, please email the Krames Help Desk at or call 800-203-7902 option 1 for Help Desk.

The ADA Living Well With Diabetes Go-To-Guide™ is available now at

You will need Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash player to maximize your experience with the Go-To- Guide™. Links to download these programs are provided on the instructions page of the Go-To-Guide™. There you will also find guidance and how-to-use directions. From this site, you may complete a brief tutorial; download a Quick-Start guide and PowerPoint presentations to help you get the most from the system with minimal time investment.

Who do I contact with questions?

For technical support with Krames On-Demand, please email the Krames Help Desk at or call 800-203-7902 option 1 for Help Desk.